What a disagreeable doctor I just encountered. Utterly unpleasant and very unprofessional. I have already given a formal complaint to Terveystalo, and sent an email to the chief of staff here at work. But as this was in a league of its own, I will share with you too. As many of you know, I […]

First. As I travel a lot, people keep asking me what my plans for summer are. Well. Let’s put it like this… WHY on earth would I travel anywhere the only time of year when it’s actually decent weather in Finland? I’ve already once emptied my accounts when paying for the renovations of my house, […]

Those of you who are used to seeing me in pretty dresses (be that long or short), shiny hair and classy jewellery would probably not recognise me right now. I am as dirty as I could possibly be, dressed in paint stained shabby shorts and bikini top, and certainly not smelling like I do when […]

I’m not the concert-going-type. Sure, I’ve been to the odd summer festival some 15 years ago, and I’ve seen Bon Jovi twice (wouldn’t mind seeing them again). But other than that. Naah. I find other use for my money. I have however been fairly angry with myself for the last decade or so. You see, […]

And so it arrived. The day when you forgive and forget. You forgive your country for being dark and gloomy, cold and snowy. You forget you ever needed to wear several layers of clothes, you forget your eyelashes getting white with rime and you forget you didn’t know day from night because it was dark […]

The renovation is culminating in a spectacular show, and being the obvious circus director, I’m seriously wondering what clothes to change into. The topper and horse whip are already waiting… So far today we’ve seen successful performances by two elks making small trees disappear, Plumber Pete installing some sort of safety mechanism in the cellar […]

When I was growing up one of my favourite songs was “They’re coming to take me away”, I used to ask my dad to sing it for me – or at least to play it in the old cassette recorder he had in his home office. Last Friday I couldn’t but think it’s become a […]

A part of the tag line I use here at Management by Chia is “if you met my family, you’d understand”. Some of you have met my family (or parts of it), and especially after the ‘Yatta! Yatta! – Hooked on a feeling’-party anno dazumal, you understand. For the rest of you, here’s a picture […]

What seems like a lifetime ago, a woman I didn’t even know said to me that she feels my mission in this life is to make others enjoy themselves and feel good. She said life is too short to be taken seriously, and that I will find happiness through creating fun for others. The weirdest […]

You know what happens if you forget to remove the second wisdom tooth? The one your dentist says you should come back to get removed as soon as the other side has healed… About seven months later it starts aching. No wonder I’ve been unable to decide if I’ve got a flu or not. The […]

I’m awfully sorry. I’ve been a bad blogger lately. It’s just that I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck on the same page. I could’ve written about my travels. Did that already, on the other blog. You can read here about my wonderful night in Paris a few weeks back. I could’ve written about me cleaning […]

A while back I told you about my washing machine. The dear old hag that was starting to go senile. Well. Yesterday she died. And/or killed a fuse. I’m not sure which yet. She had been going on with a normal programme for well over 2,5 hours. When she sounded done, I went there to […]