i have an announcement to make.  i have this small thing for esprit. okay, actually it’s more like a disease that is as easily hidden as a bad cough. you see, if an esprit box arrives at my work, the postman always assumes it’s for me. and once, when telling my assistant to stop bothering me, he replied “oh, sorry, you’re actually working, i thought you were browsing through an esprit catalogue or something…” hrmh.

well, anyway. besides messing up my work sometimes, this disease also causes my wallet a bit of suffering. like today. i went out to get a birthday present for my nephew. i know he’s not the least bit interested in esprit and even if he was, i know they don’t have male clothes in the esprit store in iso-omena. so WHY do i suddenly find myself there? and why is it that the store employees always look so happy and start chatting with me about my hair when i pull out my platinum card? (no, i’m not kidding you. it happens 9 times out of 10.)

conclusion. they say you can’t buy happiness. but how come i always leave an esprit store with a smile on my face?

and yes, i did get something for my nephew eventually. a coconut…



  1. Do know what you’re talking about here. Plus there’s some really talented sales persons! In Paris I got: “Never seen that top on anybody before. Never imagined it would look that great on!”
    Of course I bought it. Such a self-confidence booster.

    1. exactly!! this time i got “oh, i love that colour, but i could never pull it off myself, however it’s perfect with your wonderful hair” … yeah yeah yeah, just take my money and give me the top… *big sigh*


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