we’re old and proud of it!

after visiting my dad at the hospital yesterday, celebrating my nephew’s birthday (no, i wasn’t kidding, he did get a can of coconut milk from me. among other things that is..) and worrying for some other important people spending yesterday in the hospital for different reasons i went to H for dinner, some wine and a lot of girl talk.

now old farts can go too?

for some reason we decided to go to nylands nation, our old student nation where at least i have spent more nights than necessary during the years. don’t get me wrong here now, people seemed genuinely happy to see us there and they wanted us to join them in partying like it’s 1999 all over again. but H and i saw something completely different. we noticed really drunk people not knowing what they were doing, really nasty sofas in which the drunk people fell with their long dresses and white ties, and really awful smells of tobacco, alcohol and yesterday’s food that had not been digested..  it took us about 17 minutes to decide to leave.

so out on the street H and i went, laughing and declaring to the world that we’re old and we’re proud of it! the old kilroy slogan “go before it’s too late” came to mind and got me laughing even more. that dreaded “too late” isn’t at all that bad when it arrives. it feels good to finally leave this part of life behind me, after all those years with a lot of fun memories. but now it really is time to say goodbye and move on.

as always if you appear happy walking the streets of any city at night you start getting suggestions. the prize for the pick-up line that got me laughing the most last night goes to the guy who just wanted to know if i might want a bodyguard walking me home. considering that he was about a head shorter than i am and helsinki is one of the safest cities in the world, i kindly declined and kept on walking. he, running after me like the dachshund he reminded me of, then offered me a massage instead and stressed that it was only going to be a nice massage, nothing else. oh maaan, why do these small persistent idiots always find me? the worst part is that they all not only act alike, they all look alike and i can’t seem to get rid of them how hard i try.

it’s a good thing i have long legs and know how to use them. i think he got the message when he realised he’ll have to run while i’m still only walking swiftly. i lost him about one block later. good night, take care now, bye bye.


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