kim, where’s the fairy bottle?

fairy as in dish washing liquid, not as in something else in case you were wondering…

anyone seen mr fairy bottle?

at IB (my work – gonna tell you some more about it at a later point) we have sometimes this slight problem with things disappearing. so far it’s only things that have gone missing, not people – even though you gradually do lose your mind working here…

anyway, my coffee mug looks like it has been out partying by itself the whole weekend and the coffee machine smells like it had joined for at least one night.

these are the mondays that you wish you weren’t  a nice boss who lets the assistant have the day off (for studying he says, hmmm… i say). i really need my fairy and i don’t have time to look for it myself!

EDIT kl 13.40: the cleaning guy just dropped by and asked if it’s my fairy bottle that’s standing all alone in the men’s room… the fun part about working at hanken is that whenever anything is out of the ordinary, people (students as well as staff) always turn to me, assuming i a, have something to do with the weirdness at hand or b, at least know how to handle it.


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