speaking of hedwig, it always feels a bit… hmm… howyousay, stupid? to take the bike to work. all those looong 180 metres.. haha! left it outside hanken’s backdoor, the street where the homeless drunk people live these days. i really do hope i still have a bike later today when i’m off to go get a massage (at darina, what did you think? the guy from saturday?..)

finnish yoga

yesterday when heading home from work i got into an argument with one of the drunk guys. he was sitting on the ground, only some 50 metres from the house that since last year serves as a home for the homeless. he asked me to call him a taxi. i actually took out my phone to do so (even though i couldn’t really understand why or where he was going – but the fact that he was missing one leg got my kind side to take over), but realised that the taxi number had gone missing when i got a new phone some weeks ago. i asked him if he knows the number and that’s when he started yelling at me. i told him to calm down and when i’m at the grocery’s i’ll ask for the number. he got so angry with me, spitting and calling me names that i left him there. god riddens with him.(and i did notice the police coming with yet another delivery to the home, so actually i left him there for them)

brrh, i don’t know what the decision-makers thought of when they placed the home for the homeless in this neighbourhood. (long story short, i as an adult can handle these people, but when walking those 180 metres to work and finding 13 people sleeping on the playground that belongs to the day nursery, that’s when you start questioning it)


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