bad mood doesn’t even begin to describe this.  i’m pissed off at the weather (snow is promised for the weekend – oh isn’t that lovely!!), the weekly strikes in this joke they call finland and the icelandic ash that might bugger europe for months to come… what if it will be impossible to leave this god forsaken country??! what if i’m stuck? f*ck!!

furthermore my back is aching really bad, my housekeeper got a better offer from the seven dwarfs and some people’s mere existence is irritating me more than ever right now.

don’t know when this rage hit me, i had a good night’s sleep, a productive day at work and a nice long lunch with M who’s moving to london tomorrow.

so where did it go wrong? your guess is as good as mine.



  1. Haha, that smiley!

    Gällande Island, sa en kille det passande för dig: Fucking hurdy gurdy speaking motherfuckers bringing chaos to our transport system with their outdoor spas!

    1. yes, those damn hurdy gurdys! 😀

      det blir bara bättre… http://svenska.yle.fi/nyheter/artikel.php?id=184225

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