christina vs. chia


i was discussing names with my niece and she pointed out that her dad always calls me christina even though almost everyone else says chia. this got me thinking about the fact that some people, mostly from my mother’s side of the family, still call me christina. and now here comes the question of the day.


they say it’s because i was baptised christina. okay. i might buy that IF they can tell me a good reason why the rest of them are called titti & niclas (anita & nils), melli & kalle (melita & karl), nille & lillan (nils-erik & ann-may), peppe (peter), verro (veronika), käbä (kerstin) and anki (annika)…. ?!?

can someone please explain the logics because i don’t get it.

and the nickname chia then, where did that come from? well, it was my nephew who one day just stated it, about 20 years ago…


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