degenerative disc disease

ibuprofen 600 mg and my wonderful spike mat got me sleeping alright and in a better mood today. i do think it was the pain yesterdaythe spikemat i have loved for 2 years now that got the rage started, and combined with the news that air traffic in northern europe might be out on and off for months to come it just became too much.

the thing is that i suffer from what is called degenerative disc disease. in clear words it means that on good days i only have slight underlying chronic pain in my lower back. it’s irritating, but since i can endure pain quite well, i normally don’t think about it that much. unless i’m trying to lift something or put on socks or something else that involves me trying to bend or twist. but even that is everyday news for me. however, every now and then my back decides to take a break and simply “go out”.

the cause of these episodes of pain is not known, but i have heard it might be due to some sort of abnormal micro-motion in the degenerated disc that leads to an inflammatory reaction. in an attempt to stabilize the spine and decrease the micro-motion, the body reacts to the disc pain with muscle spasms. in addition, if a severe pain episode, my legs will start to tingle as well.

if you have ever suffered from lumbago you will understand what i’m talking about. multiply that pain with about 1000 and you’ll understand the agony i faced when boarding the plane home from versailles with a herniated disc a couple of years ago (even though i was high as a kite due to all the pills the french doctor had prescribed me)…

so, now you know why i don’t like sitting too long (and prefer standing if i have the option), why i hate soft beds (and love my futon), why i only wear heels (flat shoes actually make this a lot worse), why i don’t do sports (an hour of badminton means one week of excruciating pain), why i don’t ride the roller coaster any more and most especially, why i sometimes have very low tolerance of bullshit and people going on about a paper cut.


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