once a night owl, always a night owl

after suffering from quite a nasty headache the whole day yesterday i gave up and went to bed at 10 p.m. that hasn’t happened since i had sinusitis and a high fever some three years ago… oh well, since it’s me we’re talking about i didn’t fall asleep until long after midnight, and i most surely did not wake up earlier than usual today. you can’t really change the habits of a true night owl.

when i understood i wasn’t going away to dreamland anytime soon, i picked up a birthday present i got a month ago: Moab Is My Washpot by stephen fry. in short the book is an autobiography about fry’s childhood and youth, mostly about the years spent away in boarding schools. the whole concept of the english boarding school system is so very foreign to a finn, however, fry managed to get me to actually comprehend some factors of it. quite interesting. and very funny.

speaking of getting away, i hadn’t realised i was so easily read by some people. the other day i chatted with my assistant and i casually asked him when he’s going home to norway for the summer. his rapid answer was “I hope to bejebus you’re not going anywhere.. because I have a niggling feeling that as soon as you will, Iceland will be mad, you will be unfortunately stranded in some bigwig metropolitan city or a sandy beach somewhere rendering me completely alone at work” …. now kim, WHY would you think such a thing of your boss?

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