if you met my family you’d understand

okay, so i’m a bit quirky. everyone knows that. my siblings are a bit weird as well, no news there either. but when all the nieces and nephews started turning out a bit strange we started thinking it had something to do with the way we treated them. a standing joke has always been the one where we explain our oldest nephew claus’ behaviour by saying “it’s because we dropped him as a child”. all this was fine until the small ones came along.

first, meet ellie. the cutest of all cute, my dear niece and god-daughter. she was 12 days old when i met her for the first time. as all proud aunts/godmothers i took many pictures of the small thing. at least up until she gave me the finger. yup, that’s right. she actually gave me the finger and that was the end of that photo session.

second, the new boy in town, alec… oh maan, i tell you! that’s one shrewd little guy! ten days old he gave me the laugh of the year yesterday. what’s so weird about that you may ask? well, picture this. the boy has just eaten and is lying very satisfied in his aunts (i.e. my in case you didn’t get that) arms. his mother and i are discussing what the future holds for him and as an end of discussion i tell him that perhaps he’ll turn out to be one helluva feminist (please note this is a word not really associated with our family). and that’s when he breaks out in the biggest smile ever… “i’ve never seen him do that before” my sister says more or less shrieking with laughter.

what can you say? in the words of my mother: “it didn’t come from me, i grew up in a normal family, i married into this, it didn’t come from me…”


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