this life of mine

i grew up always feeling a bit… odd. a bit out-of-place. not a single member of my family seemed to fit in either. everyone having their different dreams, not a single one really including this country, these settings.

the dreams i had i will not share here, but looking at the life i live today, i can only say, damn i was good at foretelling my future…  some dreams are yet to come true, but somehow i feel they will.

life is but a great jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces will fall into the places that were cut out for them.



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    I feel the same!! Maybe we should create a Club of Misplaced People and then decide not to join it (a la Groucho Marx) because we would feel out of place.

  2. dearest chia…
    i think our puzzle of life’s pieces will never fit together as perfectly as they were planned to fit (were they?) – but nevermind – isn’t this imperfection that which lets us strive on, keeps us longing keeps us fearing THE perfect moment…
    …lets us feel odd and yet as soon as we dare to express our oddness be welcomed in a circle of those odds 😉 and faster than light we end up
    in a new imperfect world in which we not-fitting-pieces form a new perfection …
    well…still…perfection is what i long for most – and fear the most…hope it will never appear 🙂

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