chia hearts ewan

the other day a friend of mine posted a comment on a photo on fb, asking if i am wearing hair extensions. the answer of course is no, my hair just grows really fast.. but never the less, we decided it had been way too long since we last met. inspired by the british elections we went to see the ghost writer last night. if you haven’t seen it yet, see it.  no matter how obvious the twists, it is a suspense thriller and polanski even makes the sharp political statement quite amusing.

not to forget the most important reason to see the film. ewan mcgregor. ewan is never wrong. ever. i mean, this is the guy that even makes a catholic camerlengo with bad intentions look good…

i could go on for quite a while about my love for this great briton, but i’ll spare you the details. you don’t need to see him in many roles to understand what an amazing actor he is. and, as a woman, you certainly do not need to see more than him singing “come what may” in moulin rouge! to really understand…


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