pink cookies and happy pills

i told you it was pink...

drinking my morning coffee from an old winnie the pooh mug and eating a very pink cookie that found its way to my place last night. seriously, who buys pink cookies? it tastes… pink! but anything goes when you’re trying to overdose on allergy pills, pain killers for an aching back and caffeine in the waiting for the last of the alcohol to leave your blood. that last blueberry daiquiri might have been very tasty, but it wasn’t all that clever considering i was supposed go get up 8 hrs later and drive to the hospital to see dad.


summer has arrived to finland. note that i didn’t say spring – we obviously skipped that season this year. only last week we had 2 degrees celsius and snowflakes making their way through the pouring rain. yesterday it was suddenly about 25 degrees, and a few of us decided to go to a park for a picnic. in the beginning we were three – a couple of hours later we were 16 and had a whole rock full of tasty food (including pink cookies), wine and beer. loved it! A got his bike baptised, some got a bit sunburned, others a bit allergic and the boys got to play in the snow.

snow! H was happy, T needed a drink..

yes. we actually found a pile of that white shit and it was a nice reminder to really appreciate these warm days – this week just might be the only summer we will get this year. for that same reason i have decided not to whine about my allergies – i can always take yet another pill for that but there aren’t really pills for snow…

talking about it, i feel the duact kicking in. this antihistamine really is god’s gift to chia – it works as an extreme happy pill as well… wohoo!

happy weekend, don’t forget the sunscreen!


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