meet rölli, the most annoying character in finnish tv during the 80’s. today i woke up looking like him. or well, i lack the moustache, but otherwise. my hair hasn’t seen a piece of scissors for at least four months (i remember when i used to go to the hairdressers every six week or so..), my decolletage looks like i have a bad case of leprosy (it’s a sun rash they say) and somehow i looked pregnant (i’m not!) in every single piece of clothing i tried on this morning.

AND i spilled coffee on the short beige skirt i finally had decided to wear. it looked like i had peed myself.

it’s a good thing i seem to lack the ability to be embarrassed, otherwise this might have felt like a really bad day.

i do, however, feel a slight panic creeping in when thinking of the weekend. how am i supposed to enjoy verona if i can’t get into any of my ball gowns and on top of that is forced to walk around with this nice little skin rash?

oh well, perhaps iceland will take care of that problem…

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