how to kill an assistant

i have a bad habit of always leaving coffee. not much, but some. this has driven my mum crazy for years, she hates the smell and sight of coffee and tries to remind me every time i visit to please drink up… it doesn’t really help, once i leave she’s stuck once again with not only a dirty cup but a cup with smelly coffee still in it. come to think of it, it’s not only my mum who’s annoyed with this little habit of mine. i’ve gotten comments from friends and other family members as well.. hups.

anyway. i do this at work as well. this means i always start my mornings with having to pour out yesterday’s (or older after weekends and holidays) coffee and washing the cup. no exceptions.

last wednesday i left work quite early and thursday i took the day off to spend time with my dad in the hospital. friday morning i flew to brussels. some hours later i received a text message that got me laughing so much i actually missed the central station and had to get off at brussel zuid…

Ew, ew, ew, eew! Tog just en stor fet klunk kaffe. DITT kaffe. Kalla, gamla kaffe. Jag dör nog nu.

for those of you who don’t understand swedish, let’s just say that my assistant obviously had some troubles knowing the difference between his gray cup and my brown one.



  1. Sandy · · Reply

    Hahahaha! Lyyysande chia, lyysande! Hmmm… kanske man borde testa.. ifall jag tröttnar på någon av mina tre assistenter. Iofs, så klarar jag inte ens av lukten av kaffe så jag antar att det skulle slå tillbaka på mig själv ganska fort.

  2. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    I do exactly the same with my tea, but of course old tea doesn’t stink, it just grows some spectacular fur on it (if you have it with milk and leave it over the week-end at 30º-40ºC). Also, mugs of tea turn an interesting brown colour if you never wash them but only rinse them out. I must say I hardly ever drink coffee as it has a shocking effect on my nerves. I like the word klunk (munful): gulp, mouthfull.

    1. yes… i use milk too… i think that’s what really made my assistant have this near death experience.. 😀

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