somewhere over the thick clouds the sun always shines

i wanted my blog to be a happy place, but since there are a few not-so-happy things going on in my life right now, writing down fun stuff hasn’t really been high on my to do-list. however, after discussing this a couple of nights ago i decided to grasp the happy moments and let the sad and painful ones go. there is something to be cheerful about each and every day. life is too short to whine about every bump in the road, so don’t worry. i still have some pretty weird stories up my sleeves, i only need to start writing…



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Every cloud has a silver lining, or so they say. So, although I know it’s easy to give advice but not that easy to act on it, just wanted to let you know I sympathise and wish you the best!! Life is quite disgusting sometimes (or frequently) but just think you’re worth much more than any of the things that have been really bugging you. Tell’em to go to hell and just trample through them (I find it really difficult to do this myself, but it’s worth a try -and great when you succeed-).

    1. yes, you are absolutely right, every cloud does have a silver lining. and i always try to look on the bright side of life, laughter is often the best medicine 🙂

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