jet setting europe

my pocket camera takes after it’s owner… it’s now jet setting europe all by itself. can’t wait to see the pictures when it returns to me. until then i have to enjoy photos other people provide me with!

woop woop in verona may 22nd.

the jet set girls in brussels may 29th.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    hi Chia…
    just imagine where your camera is just now… due to the horrible weather in central europe it might just fly over to Cairo, falling into a sheikh’s hand – who tries to photograph the sun’s gleam – and you will see light only…
    Then, while he rides his black camelback home to his AC-comforted Castle inmidst the white desert, the camera falls down in the sand, its brilliant metal absorbing the heat of te sun, attracting an unconspicious little snake, that – softly hissing- slowly curls around it and thereby unintentionally presses the activator…

  2. by the way chia – that was me – Renata 🙂

    1. hihi… i’m not so sure about the pic by and with the snake though… 😉

      got a new memory card to my bigger camera, would feel really stupid to only take pics with my mobile when my youngest nephew will be baptized this coming sunday.

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