the mother and the assistant

i have not heard my mum laugh so hard in months as she did when i told her about the coffee incident the other day.

“poor, poor, poor, POOR kim!” she said before giving me a lecture on how i now have to learn to pour out the coffee before leaving. “well, he was using my computer and drinking out of my mug, it’s his own fault!” i told her. “NO! you fly off to god knows where and leave him all alone, it’s YOUR fault!”…. thanks mum for being supportive… hahahaha!!

it’s not the first time she takes his side come to think of it. before christmas she sent him a big fat home-made gingerbread cookie. she wanted to thank him for telling me i’m one bad idea away from a mental institution.

  • wait, let’s see if i got this straight… your mum baked me this because you told her i said you – her daughter, my boss – were cuckoo?
  • yes.
  • cool!!



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