a place called gerby

in a forest far far away…

the last five or so years the house i grew up in has been mine even though my parents continued living there. in my mind it was still theirs despite my mum’s dreams of moving away and getting some happy golden years without having to deal with everything that happens in and around a 90-year-old wooden house in the middle of nowhere.

fate wanted differently. but in all this mess and sorrow i am sure she will in the long run be very happy in her new place with a beautiful view over lovisaviken. with the help of some wonderful people (including the cutest taxi driver i’ve ever seen…) we even managed to get dad in his wheelchair up the stairs to inspect last friday. yesterday when i visited him at the hospital he himself referred to the new place as home! that means a lot for us all, him being able to leave gerby behind and not feeling sad anymore for not going back there ever again.


it’s been said that there is a time for everything. and now the time has come for me to make gerby, or solhälla as the yellow house actually is called, really mine.

but don’t worry. i was never made for being what you in finnish call “mökkihöperö” (found an online dictionary that translated it into “a person suffering from cabin fever”). helsinki will still be the place i call home and i will continue jet setting through europe! nichts neues for gerby actually, even though it has been the sole home for my parents the last 35 or so years, it used to be only the summer house back in the days.

so, if you are in need of therapy i can offer this in forms of lawns in need of cutting and walls in need of painting… or then i can just offer a comfortable chair in the sun and a rhubarb pie straight from the oven! i will also offer the possibility to take bike tours around the beautiful countryside, but only after someone has requested the repair the bikes-therapy session…

welcome to casa di chia!

(and after seeing these pictures – do you wonder why yellow and green always have been my favourite colours?)



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Lovely house and landscape!! Really hope your father gets better!!
    Willing to exchange stuga in northern Spain??

    1. thank you miguel! unfortunately there’s nothing more to be done for my dad, but we have had time to arrange all things the way he wanted them to be. as i wrote last week, i wanted my blog to be a happy place, that’s why i haven’t really paid any attention to this stuff here… life really is too short to dwell on pain and sorrow, don’t you think?

      exchange stuga doesn’t sound like a completely bad idea 🙂 maybe next year?

      1. miguel de Avendaño · ·

        Yes, I understand!!! That’s the important thing!! I always used to hate celebrating my birthday (what with one worry or another) but now I always do because, as you say, you only live once!! Anyway, I’ll send you some pictures of our small stone stuga up in the mountains but only about 35km from the beaches!!

  2. didn’t know you can bake pies, Chia – would love to have a bite 🙂
    I will bake a corn/rice-applecake for you and Sabina :-)))

    Many kisses and a sunny smile to you :-))


    1. hihi… there are a lot of things people don’t know about me (just ask the guys who thought it’d be a fun idea to challenge me in air-rifle shooting…)

      your applecake sounds nice! i usually bake without recipes, but without gluten might be challenging so take note that i will make an effort to find a way to treat sabina and you to a tasty rhubarb pie as well 😉

      1. MMMMMH – getting hungry already …;-))

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