a place called gerby, part deux

solhälla 1938

when mum moved she of course took her 42” flat screen tv with her. i don’t think i had realised how big it was until last friday when i carried down my old 21” fat-tv and placed it on the tv-table in the livingroom so that i could watch the france-uruguay match. i kid you not – i would’ve needed binoculars to see the ball from the sofa where i was sitting. mum couldn’t stop laughing when i called her to ask if the red dot moving around might be the judge?

end of the 1940’s

some ten minutes later i had found other (better) entertainment in the form of old photo albums and mum had stopped laughing after i called again to tell her i found some photos of her… it was simply horrid, the pic of her in glasses the size my tv and with a hairdo that would make any poodle green with envy.

the older photos were as usual the more interesting ones. i’ve always been fascinated with pictures. to see the changes of time, in people as well as in places, makes you understand that you’re only a piece of a huge puzzle. you see people linked to each other – like how both i and my niece have my grandmother’s eyes – and you see things…

spring 1981

you see lanky plants grow into huge old trees,  you see the wallpapers change while the paintings hanging on the walls remain the same. i wonder what kind of mark i will leave, what my children and grandchildren will notice when they go through the things and memories i leave behind.

however, since i didn’t win the huge lotto pot on saturday – only 20 euro on a couple of games of biribi – i have to stick to my plan to only renovate a bit on the surface. but new colours on the walls and furniture can make a huge difference. can’t wait for my holidays to begin…


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