confessions of a couch potato

let’s get one thing straight. i do not run. do not. i have always hated it, i get dead tired after 50 metres and i think it’s a waste of time. but i have a problem. it’s spelled god damned disk disease. because of it i’ve had to stop playing badminton (too many fast stops and turns), go to the gym (too many moves i’m not allowed to do – it’s just too expensive to pay a fee only to use about 40% of the machines) etc. because of allergies i cannot go horseback riding as often as i would want to (and i’m not really sure my back would agree with that either..) and i can bike only during summer. which is a VERY short season in finland. and i most certainly do not ski.

so what do i do? nothing. haha.. my life in a nutshell: work, party, relax. and chocolate. let’s not forget the chocolate. i can easily win any chocolate eating contest, good huh? if only i smoked as well, then my life style really would be complete.

yesterday i had enough of this. i had made kinuski (a type of fudge) and served it with ice-cream. yammi. however. after my friend left i found myself so irritated with the vuvuzelas (whose bright idea were they anyway?) that i started eating the kinuski right out of the pan. yes. i finished it. did i feel good about it? no.

this all leads up to the decision taken by my neighbour and me this morning. we’re going to enter helsinki midnight run. there. now it’s official. sept 4th yours truly will actually run 10 km. if i don’t die in training that is.



  1. I shall make a giant Chia-banner for this glorious event

    1. oh dear god. what have i done?

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