the shoes

the fast and furious

bought new shoes today. and no. they’re NOT esprit.

expensive shit. they’d better get me fit. on the other hand, i have several evening gowns worth twice as much (each) as these shoes so maybe i shouldn’t complain. and the nice guy at 4runners threw in a pair of high-tech* socks as well so quite a bargain.

of course i also “had” to buy new capris and a sweater (hey, they were on a sale!). image is everything you know!

* socks that normally cost 24.90€ have to be special somehow, right?



  1. Martina · · Reply

    Tycker att fast and furious är ett utmärkt namn på nya skorna! mitt par är nog rosa faran 😀

    1. pink panther? 😀

  2. Sandy · · Reply

    Ååååh, älskar mina skor, det är som att studsa på rosa moln! Vem sjutton behöver en karl när man har såna skor??? 😉

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