the deadline for complaints was yesterday *

i spent all [awful] winter complaining. about the snow, the darkness and the cold. so i made a promise to myself. never once would i complain about the weather during summer. so don’t get me wrong when i say that i would like to place an order for a bit of rain…

it was an extreme winter, what else would follow but an extreme summer. around 28-32 degrees and sunny.. although the nights are getting darker (bläää) it’s still warm then. but i’m not complaining. i’m only wishing for a full day’s worth of rain. it would clear the air (allergies, remember?), turn my yellow lawns green again and resurrect the rhubarb (yes, already manually watering that poor plant, but it doesn’t seem like enough).

had a wonderful weekend here at casa di chia. i have this friend who stated that she would like to do some gardening and since i hate it i told her she could have a go at my mum’s old garden. now i can see from the kitchen window not only the sea (still amazed by the guys who cleared my view during midsummer) but also some basil and mint plants (rain, please… otherwise i will have to do the watering.. can’t really kill her garden, can i?) i finished painting the master bedroom and after that we headed for the beach. since my beach is a jungle, we went to the neighbour’s instead. we didn’t expect anyone to be at home, but when sergei appeared we agreed to have a beer with him. ever heard of russian hospitality? a couple of hours later we stumble in at gerby, drunk as two sailors. to replace lunch with a bottle of vodka, some snacks and yes, ONE beer, was not really what we had had in mind when we went down for a quick swim. (even though it has happened to me before – mum and i once went out for a walk on boxing day and returned a bit tipsy from the same place…)

the bad thing about the weekend was yesterday’s match. i really wanted holland to win, but i must say, the better team did. oh well, life goes on without football. on the agenda today is to go through a pile of old kalle anka (donald duck) magazines. i love summer.

* i once saw a sign with this text. it still bothers me i didn’t buy it and hang it over the counter at my work.


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