…nära havet vill jag bo… *

view from the kitchen window at gerby 2.30 a.m.

oh what joy to be back in town after three weeks at gerby! i haven’t spent that much time there in a row since i moved away eleven years [sic!] ago… it’s been nice to be there alone as well as to have friends over for the weekends, but it sure is good to be home again (even if it’s only for a couple of days before heading back again!) and actually, helsinki during summer isn’t all that bad. at least not from where i am – i only have some 800 metres to the beach from my apartement.

this last year i’ve more and more started thinking of moving abroad. i’ve never  felt like i belong in the finnish culture (= don’t want to work in finnish) and i’ve had enough of  “svenskfinland” (= swedishspeaking finland). so. doesn’t leave me much choice does it? however,  a wise person asked me to first consider if i want to flee from something or move to something. at first this question got me upset, but then i understood that it might be the most important question to ask yourself when planning such a big step. let’s just say that i have come to the conclusion that i now only wait for the one reason to leave all this behind. what that reason is god only knows… let’s see.

however, the reason for talking about all this right now is that i just realised that wherever i go, the sea had better be close by…

* a line from this swedish song


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  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Looks like you’re a “displaced person” (stuck in the wrong place)!!!!! I feel the same in many respects about Spain, and especially Madrid… But where IS our place???????

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