stupid is what stupid does

first i leave my pocket camera in brussels (charlieeee, why oh why haven’t you returned it yet?!) and then i leave the battery charger for my system camera at home (i’m back at gerby). feeling a bit angry with myself right now. and you guys don’t get to see the before and after pics of the master bedroom i’ve been working on for weeks. bläh.

EDIT (two minutes later): i just remember giving my oldest pocket camera to mum when she needed to take a few pics some years ago. found it in a kitchen cupboard! still working. or, well, after you open the lens cover manually (thank god for long nails) and set the time (again and again and again – a camera with alzheimer’s…) it still manages to take quite ok photos… yeee!

EDIT 2 (a week later): i was cleaning up my old bedroom in order for it to serve as a guest room during the weekend. guess what i found. feeling really stupid now. but glad that i hadn’t been so stupid as i thought when packing for a month away from home…

EDIT 3 (just later): the pics.

before. lovely wall paper, ey?

before: old mirror.



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  1. Sandy · · Reply

    Jeee! Fast jag ska ju se de live snart 😀

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