why are you so happy?

i had a perfect summer day yesterday. i summoned together a couple of my nieces and my sister-in-law to be to help me clean carpets. i taught them how to do it the old-fashioned way,  scrubbing with a brush and pine soap. after that we went to the beach. it was 27 degrees in the water and about the same in the air. i can’t remember the last time i actually jumped into the water with a big splash.. i had forgotten how much fun it can be.

anyway, after many days like this i have started to wonder why i want to leave this country so much. i mean, it’s quite nice after all… it’s been sunny and warm and a lot of fun days with family and friends.

but then the evening came and i once again remembered… that sister-in-law to be of mine came up with the idea that we, and my oldest niece, should go out dancing. so off we went. to the big-wig town of porvoo. population about 50.000 people. that’s the 21st largest city in finland! … have you ever tried to go out during a wednesday in a town of that size? not really the best idea i tell you… and that’s why we ended up at a karaoke bar. watching finns sing song after song off tune (and when finns sing, it’s not happy songs! they’re all in minor keys..) can make anyone want to commit suicide. but not us! we sat there in a sofa, laughing, dancing and singing along when one happy song came along. mostly laughing actually. oh yes, we noticed that we didn’t fit in. we noticed the weird looks we got. but we didn’t expect what happened next. after watching us for about 15 minutes one guy came over. he sat down and with the serious tone only a finn can produce, he asked “why are you so happy?”

what my sister-in-law answered i did not hear, i was busy laughing some more and thanking the universe for giving me a reminder. i really do need to get away from here. i’m way too happy for this place!

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