turning into my mother part 7218

admit it. you have all felt it at some point. the nagging feeling of familiarity when doing or saying something and then looking in the mirror and realising you’re turning into your parent. the younger you are the more horrifying experience this is. but if you have a good relationship with that parent, the older you get, the more “oh well, it figures” you feel.

i used to have shorter hair. MUCH shorter than i do now. on the other hand, i used to have much longer hair before that, but that’s a different story. anyway. having short hair means going to the hairdresser’s all the time. and having a bit of curly hair means never getting it really the way you would like to have it. so when my second cousin once removed (love that word!) told me he thinks long hair suits everyone i decided to give it a try once more. and since my hair grows like weeds, i didn’t have to wait that long.

today when i saw my own reflection in the mirror i got scared and it ended with me picking up a piece of scissors and cutting off a couple of centimetres here and there. while standing there in my bathroom – the curls making it impossible to cut straight – i suddenly once again realised i’ve turned into my mother.

next week i’m gonna call my hairdresser.



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Problem is when a man looks like HIS mother. It’s alright when you’re a child, but at my age….

    1. hahahaha!! good one!

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