and that’s why i call it management by chia

spider man takes a break from renovating

as you know i manage a bookstore. today was the day i was going to open the store again, after eight weeks. we’ve been renovating the place for two weeks, and everything is almost under control. of course the cash register was one of the things that was completely out of control. happy monday.

one of the guys from the computer central was standing here, scratching his head while the winhair (our register programme) dude was logged in via some distance programme thingy, scratching his head wherever he was. the problem was that they weren’t able to install the receipt printer. they were at it for 3½ hours! during that time i could only accept cash payments from the few customers i had (thank god that all the students haven’t returned to school yet..) – nice trying to remember all prices after a six-week holiday…

well, the men decided to take a lunch break since they clearly couldn’t get it working. chia decided to do it the chia-way.

now the computer central dude and the cash programme dude (and his boss who was involved as well) are scratching their heads how a girl in a summer dress and with no technical education in two minutes achieved what they couldn’t in three hours.

i’m taking a well deserved coffee.



  1. Stefan · · Reply

    hehe, Chia rules!
    and also: installing printing devices is usually the worst nightmare of any technician… or then the guy just took his time so that he would be longer around the nice girl in the summer dress?

    1. but of course… now i understand 🙂

  2. Gustaf · · Reply

    I KNOW!!!! IT ppl cant do a thing.. lol.. Same happend here.. The wole system crased, had two IT dep working on it, but eventually it was me that fixed it.. And i really dont know how i did it.. :p

  3. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Well done. Long live amateurs!!!

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