once upon a time in stockholm

had a case of insomnia last night. my thoughts wandered miles and miles and somehow they ended up in stockholm and that got me remembering the taxi incident…

me and my friend were going to a winter ball. all dressed up we called for a taxi and we got one fairly quickly. it was a young driver who of course was eager to know what two finns were doing all dressed up like this in stockholm. he found the swedish spoken in finland a bit funny and called us the moomins. he was actually quite amazed that we really talk like them and hence had us talking the whole way to riddarhuset.

some seven hours later the party ended and because of something i cannot remember my friend and i decided not to join the after party. we were freezing in the cold february air and our feet were hurting so we just went straight out on the street and put our hands out in a real carrie bradshaw fashion. the first car around the corner stopped and we got in.

“men! är det inte mumintrollen, har ni haft en kul kväll?!” *

there are around 2.500 taxis driving around in stockholm on saturdays. what are the odds of us by chance stopping the same car twice?! and the driver remembering us? it hit us when we got out of the car that he hadn’t even asked for the address…

do these things happen to other people or is it just me?

*”well, if it isn’t the moomins, did you have a nice evening?”



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    I like that about the Finns being like Moomins (mumintrollen)! I’ve got so many questions to ask about Swedish and Finlandssvenska… I shall have to wait until Helsinki…

    1. looking forward to having long discussions under the mumin topic 🙂

  2. Sandra · · Reply

    What do you mean happens only to you?? I was there too! 🙂 Hence, I want to be rewarded unusual crazy status too. So there!

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