zoo de gerby

they say the racoon dog is a very reserved animal, only active at night. yes, it might be. but.. once again. nothing is normal in this family, not even how wild animals act. we can take the example when my nephew caught a tortoise in the ditch. yes. in finland. in the middle of nowhere. don’t ask.

today birds woke me up. a bunch of them sat on the windowsill, picking until i got up. yes, thank you, i’m awake now. dammit. don’t even know where all these small happy birds come from, but they seem to multiple every week. today they were exceptionally crazy, singing, chirping and flying around like foals turned out to pasture. well except that foals don’t fly.. oh, you know what i mean…

the racoon dog in the picture is not related to the racoon dog in the story.

anyway. back to the racoon dog. i’m at gerby to clean up after the summer. put away all the outdoor furniture etc. but it’s a warm and sunny day so i decided to start with a break (of course.. you remember this). i spent about 15 minutes in my chair watching the cutest little racoon dog picking black currants 10 metres from me. it looked very happy slurping the fallen berries and it reminded me of my beloved late dog gaina. she used to pick berries straight from the bush and give me what seemed to be a radiant smile. this racoon dog had the same look on its face. sheer happiness, the thought of being shy never seemed to cross its mind, nor did it seem to mind being out in the sun. cuteness.

i like being back in town, back in reality. but i will surely miss all “my” animals – the cat, the deer family, the happy birds and of course this cute and curious little creature. until next summer my friends.


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