going slightly mad

you know when you wake up feeling great? like you’re on the top of the world. king of the hill. princess of the day. yup. today is NOT one of those days. today is one of THOSE days.

i woke up with a headache. found myself thinking that maybe it’ll go away if i stop thinking about it. it didn’t. it did get me late for work however. again. hadn’t even gotten my first sip of coffee when my assistant sent me a text apologizing, he had forgotten to tell me that he has to attend a lecture today. the whole day. since he’s been such an angel these last weeks i couldn’t even get upset. not even when i realised this means i have to reschedule my massage appointment. somehow it didn’t surprise me.

an hour later i realise the printing company has switched covers on two of the french compendiums. at least i noticed the mistake before the french professor got his hands on me – i sent him an apologizing e-mail saying i won’t even try to come up with a bad excuse this time (yup. this time… for some reason it’s always the french compendiums that seem to f*ck themselves up. karma?)

after dealing with at least seven problems simultaneously i was down to the last customer for that break – she wanted her money back for the student union party last saturday night. she had signed up for a fancy dinner party, but for some reason she couldn’t attend. no, she had not informed the organizers, why would she have done that? not even when i told her that there in that case had been a place empty with food, drinks and stuff did she understand why i wouldn’t give her a refund. god dammit, how stupid people can attend university these days?!?

..and now we apparently lost one of the youth participants for the coming weekend… let’s see if i can get her a refund – otherwise, anyone wanna come instead?


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