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the french professor came limping. sat down in my assistant’s chair while i attended to other customers. when i turned around to face the telling-off i thought was coming i found him with his feet up on kim’s desk and his face covered with a sombrero (don’t ask why we have a sombrero at IB. just don’t.) he asked for a shot of tequila. i looked around to see where the camera was hidden before i regretfully had to answer that i only have coffee to offer.

when he left some 20 minutes later he promised to bring a bottle next time he pays me a visit.

this is a very confusing and disturbing day.


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  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Yes. I’ve had a bit of a rubbishy day: I haven’t really achieved anything plus time is running out for the translation I have to finish. PLUS our youth representative has had to drop out of the Helsinki meeting for this week-end (a real setback, this).
    BUT, perhaps this is all your quota of bad luck for quite some time (concentrated). Let’s hope so!! Ett vänligt leende!!!!

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