finally a camera that captures my halo. thank you iphone!

been watching some friends playing with their iphones the whole weekend. i felt a bit left out. all this talk about apps and stuff… i look at my small cute, and very pink, nokia and i think to myself it’s a good phone. but it’s no iphone. it has no cool gadgets. it does not take cool pics. it can’t do anything really. except for look cute. quite boring.

my sis received an iphone from a friend. the friend gave it to her. gave it… anyone? … please?



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Very saintly… but then, is Sabina only a mere mortal?????

    1. yes. but as you see in the picture she has philippe as her bodyguard, only two steps behind. so she will live long and prosper!

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