early bird?

i use a wake up light to get up in the mornings. it turns itself on 30 min before i need to be awake, gradually getting lighter and when the time is right, birds start to sing a somewhat happy tune. the gradually getting lighter thingy is supposed to help people feel awake when they open their eyes. haven’t really noticed that it helps with that… it does however keep me from wanting to kill something or someone first thing and that’s a good start.

this morning i woke up with the light brighter as usual. i felt a headache coming on and couldn’t really understand why it was so bright and why the birds were missing. it was darker than usual outside and i did not want to get up, actually felt like crying – don’t make me get up! some 10 minutes later i had come to terms with my fate and shut down the light and got out of bed. that was when i realized the time was only 5.20… wtf?

after contemplating for a while i decided not to kill the poor wake up light but to just go back to bed and be happy i don’t have to get up for another couple of hours.

now of course the question today is how (and why) the light suddenly had turned itself on at that hour? it’s not that close to bed that i would do it myself by mistake.. and i’ve not been known to walk in my sleep. your guess is as good as mine…



  1. Sophie A. · · Reply

    Actually mine has been doing that the whole time I’ve had it. Not often, but sometimes it just turns itself on. Once it even set the alarm all on its own. And sometimes the radio turns itself on. Happened once right after I had watched a show about ghosts. Suddenly I heard white noise blaring from my bedroom. Needless to say, it scared the sh*t out of me.

  2. hahahahaa!!! perfect!

  3. We use the same light. Actually, the time in the picture above is exactly the time I have set it… creepy.
    Anyway, so far it has been turning itself on only once as far as I can tell. In all other cases I could blame it on the kids 😉

    1. always easy to blame the kids… you just need to get them first however 😀

  4. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    The alarm-clock trolls??????

  5. Claus the man · · Reply

    Well it is lit with a trouble spirit. Soo sometimes it tries to escape when you’re in your deepest sleep and it wants to take over your body. It’s all in the warning text on the box…

    1. i threw out the box. should’ve checked it. (ska radera dina andra inlägg, tror jag kan göra det..)

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