the final countdown

copying machines are like children at daycare. if you spot one starting to cry (i.e. break down) and you manage to handle it right then and there you’re safe. but if one starts crying it won’t be long ’til they all cry their eyes out.

today i have three out of seven machines broken. i have black ink all over myself, my inbox is spammed with “Device Recovery Report: Ricoh – 4 vån. needs help! Paper misfeed: at Duplex Unit”-messages (yes, the machines send me help mails, quite neat actually), my phone keeps ringing (“hello, this is N.N., just wanted you to know that the machine on the 4th floor isn’t working”) and people come here with torn papers demanding a refund (“i’m sorry, if you have started the machine AFTER i was there and turned it off and put a ‘service has been called’-sign on it, you can’t really blame me”)…

on top of things the french compendiums are wrong again and the compendiums and books for the accounting course are all sold out (what the h.. do you expect from a course that now has 394 participants – there were only 180 signed up for it when we ordered the literature in august.)

of course my assistant has the day off – exam coming up tomorrow. i’m so happy. i love my work. i love the fact that winter is coming. f*ckin’ hell, someone get me out of here!



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Post-summer work&weather-related stress…..

  2. oj ojojojojoj 😦 urk… låter som int kiva… 😦

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