just another normal day at ib

dear diary,

today we laminated weed at work.

seriously. this job is too weird sometimes.  just when you think you have heard and seen it all, something very odd happens. like the guy coming in this morning with a.. eh.. well.. let’s say green leaf in his hand wanting to laminate it. i guess it was bound to happen after these news a few weeks ago.

the day continued pretty much in the same manner. not really what i had in mind when i was studying for that master’s of mine… but on the other hand, can’t really see myself working as an consult or financial analyst anyway. i’d much rather have fun than work my butt off at a bigwig multipulti company.

speaking of having fun, my assistant has on several occasions accused me of being one bad idea away from a mental institution. nowadays i’m inclined to say hell, if i’m going down, i’m taking him with me. and hope they have coffee there, because both of us are serious caffeine addicts.

the joke of the day at ib


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