they say the first year after losing someone is the worst. a lot of  “firsts”. today’s the first “first”. it’s my dad’s birthday. can you call heaven and ask to speak to the birthday boy? … didn’t think so.

yesterday was actually the first time i really felt bad for losing him. i was out shopping birthday presents (maan, people like getting it on around christmas, a lot of friends and family members  celebrating their birthday’s these coming seven days!) and found myself thinking that i need to get dad something. it was with quite heavy steps i headed home.

but then i think a year back. all the suffering we realized was ahead of us. the three months we were promised. the horrible eleven we got. so many tears. but also so many happy memories.

yes. it feels quite good today after all. happy birthday dad!


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  1. Thinking of you! – Have a nice day my dear… Another ray of sun from Munich!!!! Kiss

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