the return of the flamingo ebola*

been doing nothing the whole weekend. nada, nichts, zip, INGENTING. except for a very slow walk on saturday and a trip to the traditional fish market with my sis yesterday, i haven’t left home at all. i’ve been drinking my mum’s homemade blackcurrant syrup and spiced it up with all sorts of medicine i could find. you think this would cure a small annoying flu. but nooo. it only made it worse. i’m caughing my lungs out at the moment (and yes, you can imagine the amount of sleep i got last night.)

it’s pissing me off i tell you, i don’t have time for this!

* last year, when the world was scared shitless because of the swine flu i of course got ill.. since i don’t go to the doctor’s unless i’m dying i don’t know exactly what i had, but i was coughing for almost four weeks. a friend of mine diagnosed it to be the flamingo ebola.



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    You’re a human time-bomb for pigs AND birds?????

  2. not to mention for cows named alexander.

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