mondaying on a wednesday

seriously. what’s wrong with this day?!? … it’s hilarious, mr murphy with a twist. everything that can go wrong will, but in a way you could never expect. not gonna give you detailed explanations on what has happened so far, but when i just sent an e-mail to 25 receivers and ended with “monday greetings” (mental note to self: copy paste isn’t always the best way to deal with stuff) i decided to get myself some more coffee, lean back in my chair and just let this day have its due course. all important stuff can wait. if i even try to do it now i’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow.

…and as i’m writing this kim is attending to a customer laughing her head off about what a totally shite day she’s having… apparently her sweater is losing fluff. everywhere. she’s trying to get rid of it with duct tape right now..

as i said. what’s up with this day?

the customer left. kim turned to me and laughed something about her looking like a recently hatched chicken..  “I HEARD THAT” came from the door…

hilarious. simply hilarious. is it friday yet?


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