the ‘bon voyage’ feeling

this day just went from weird to bizarre. i received a delivery. wouldn’t be so weird if it wasn’t for the fact i haven’t ordered anything and i had a nagging feeling i’ve seen these boxes before.  like, umm, last week when i got the exact same goods…? when the postman brought them i told him this is insane and  that if i now open that last box i can bet my head on it looking exactly like this (pointing to a box i haven’t even unpacked yet because i can’t decide where to put the stuff.) he didn’t believe me.  so i opened it. lo and behold…

or in the words of matti nykänen, our most beloved (irony people, irony) sportsman ever

“Every time I jump and get to the ledge, I get that ‘bon voyage’ feeling. I mean it’s like I’ve been through this before.”


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