time for change


rivers know this: there is no hurry. we shall get there some day.


i’m annoyed, impatient and lazy these days. but after so much turmoil in my life this last year, who can really blame me? sometimes i forget that life cannot be hurried and fast forwarded. i’m sorry if that makes me a bit edgy. not enjoying it myself either – trying to return to normal chia speed resulted in a flu a few weeks ago, and when i wasn’t really bothered by that i instead woke up with a wry neck (on top of the usual back pain, don’t even think i’ve gotten rid of that…)

there are still some important things to be done, issues to be dealt with. the wait is not over yet, but the need for change is growing. the time is coming, this cycle is closing. it might move at the speed of a tortoise, but do remember who won the race.


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