yesterday evening when walking home i was happy to be a bit tipsy (thank you ylva!), otherwise i would have been pretty upset. the trams weren’t working due to a minor problem – the electrical cords had snapped so traffic was at a standstill in the city center the whole evening – i had no choice but to walk. not a problem normally, but yesterday evening we had the loveliest weather you could possibly imagine: wet huge snowflakes coming at you sideways (and definitely NOT at the by now famous speed of a tortoise) and the umbrella i had borrowed from my work of course broke halfway home.

perhaps it was the tipsyness, perhaps it was an attempt to keep me from getting a nervous breakdown – somewhere between breaking the umbrella and having to empty my shoes of water i started humming. came up with new lyrics to an old children’s song… sorry if you don’t understand them, google translate might help.

Ja se de’ snöar, ja se de’ snöar, de’ var väl fittigt, fy fan! Nu blir de’ vinter, nu blir de’ vinter som vi ej önskat ju har. Nu tar vi vantarna fram å mössorna på å sen vi halkar i drivan, jumalauta ändå!

to my huge relief i saw no snow when opening the curtains this morning. perhaps it was all just a bad dream. perhaps summer will be here soon? no? damn. well. at least it’s friday.


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