famous last words

when your sister calls at 10 p.m. asking how her precious baby is doing you think it would suffice to say “everything’s fine”. but nooo.. you have to go and utter the words “he’s such a little angel, sleeping like a baby!” …

the next hour or so i dedicated my life to changing diapers, feeding, walking, dancing, singing (didn’t know i had so many nursery rhymes in my repertoire*) and wondering if you can get tinnitus from something this cute.

but as it’s said, everything is okay in the end. when my sister returned home she was happy, the boy was sound asleep and i truly felt that i had had quite a relaxed evening watching twilight and eating snacks. when can we do it again?

* after the three or four i did remember i noticed that drinking songs sung in a very slow and humming tune sounds very much like real nursery rhymes…



  1. Haha! Tänkte just fråga att hur många av vaggvisorna var egentligen snapsvisor? Eller barnsånger med ny text?? 😀

  2. de facto kunde jag nog riktit bra ca fyra å semibra fyra till (dvs i ett skede hörde jag mig själv sjunga nåt om att nu vet jag inte riktigt hur orden går, men olle å björnen å mamman var med å blåa var dom alla om munnen… typ.. haha..) – det var främst mitt nynnande som jag ibland märkte att övergick till nåt helt annat. lite miljöskadad är man efter alla åren på casa och nylle.

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