entering mordor

and this is just the beginning

i get something of a doomsday feeling when looking out my window right now. the tree that still had a lot of yellow leaves this morning is suddenly black and almost bare and the clouds creeping up behind the next building.. well, let’s just say they aren’t really the white and fluffy kind. feeling very happy my diary is empty tonight (as usual these days, people don’t even believe me when i tell them how empty it is. not that i’m complaining, it’s nice to do nothing for a change), i wouldn’t return outside even if someone paid me.

thank you autumn, we’ve enjoyed your stay, now can you bring summer back? …please?



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Well, I think you need a Madrid-Helsingfors airlift: we can send some wine and olive oil to keep you, the cow Alexander and a few others warm and comfortable until next spring (hibernating)…. Also, we are organising a CILANE week-end in Spain for the last week-end of May/first w/e of June 2011… And come anytime to Madrid for a bit of sunshine (in fact, a lot of sunshine)… most welcome…

  2. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    Madrid: 20ºC, sunny, blue skies, not a cloud….

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