the dream

i had a dream about matti nykänen last night. i was supposed to interview him for a magazine. “in bed with matti” was the working title. since no way i was going to let that man get into my home and no way in hell i was going to check in to a hotel with him i took him to a hospital. i told him the people needed to know how he was doing and started asking him stupid questions (well, the questions weren’t as stupid as the answers.) all the while i saw rabbits running around us, and the doctor that attended to him is really someone who works at the computer central here at the university where i work…

even in my dream, as i was lying there in a hospital bed, wearing pink pyjamas and wondering wtf is up with those rabbits, i had a nagging feeling i know who to blame. and when i woke up, after my first “shit, i need help!”-thought i realised whose fault it was. there is only one person in this whole world that could ever convince me to do such an incredible insane thing.

so i e-mailed him first thing when i got to work. (the person who got me into this shit, not matti..) it’s been ages, but this is the kind of friendship that never ends. we haven’t even seen each other in a year, but still, when asked, i refer to him as one of my dearest friends. oh maan, the situations i could find myself in back in the days… he would get these.. ideas.. and before i knew what just hit me, i was singing on local tv (yes, they played the same loop over and over and over again for a whole weekend. when coming to lecture monday morning people laughed and applauded me), walking through customs in tallinn with a stolen embassy sign on the cart i was manoeuvring (“you look the most innocent. and don’t worry, we’ll visit you in prison”) or simply crawling around in the filthiest student overall ever seen. one time he even sold me to a guy on a cruise. that time i got pissed off. really pissed off. but later, when he saved me from tanga tarzan on that very same cruise i forgave him.

people think me and my friends of today belong at a closed ward. the things we’re up to are nothing compared to the carefree days of cc top.. oh, the stories i could tell, the pictures i could show… but now it’s time to put back the memories where they belong though and get along with this day instead. smiling.


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