famous last words III

i feel like the universe is toying with me. i cannot say anything these days without getting some kind of response, and it never seems to be the nice wishes i get granted. i don’t like to complain, in fact i hate complaining people, but i feel that’s all i do. i’m sick and tired of everything, mostly myself.

this morning i wrote in an e-mail to a friend that i look forward to a quiet and boring day at work, nice after a week that has been draining me emotionally for different reasons. now, five hours later, all problems that suddenly were poured over me have been taken care of, but i still feel like crying.

can someone please put this week out of its misery?

EDIT 15 minutes later: it’s snowing. now i really want to cry.



  1. miguel de Avendaño · · Reply

    My mother always used to tell us that if the world just seems too much to handle the “best thing is to have a good cry”. So maybe go home, have a hot drink, “have a good cry”, get it out of your system and then settle down with a nice book!!! Even if you feel sick & tired of yourself, that’s not how others feel about you and they value you….
    (Alternatively, throw a brick at a shop window and smash it -watch out for CCTV cameras, though- or push a really idiot-looking teenager into the Baltic -probably fun to push a sour bad-tempered moth-eaten old lady in, but she might not know how to swim-).

  2. This message from my brother this morning really made me feel good. It’s about my nephew Michael, who is aged 7 (my mother died 14 years ago):
    “This morning on the way to school Michael told me that it was the 21st of October. It’s his way of telling me that he’s on top of things.
    In reply, I told him it was his grandmother’s birthday. Without any prompting he started singing ‘Happy birthday dear Granny who lives in the sky’ “.

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