greetings from narnia

i need a walking closet. note the word need instead of want. i have literally been half way to narnia twice this week when looking for two dresses. i found them both eventually, tucked into small plastic bags.

it can’t be good for ball gowns to be folded (and that’s an understatement) into plastic bags. my mum would probably go mad if she saw how i treated my poor clothes… she was already chain-smoking on the balcony when i washed the green gown in her bath tub. i realise it was a very odd thing to do the day before your father’s funeral but what was i supposed to do, the dress had been to hell and back*, and looked accordingly…

i refuse to hand over my extremely expensive dresses to a dry cleaner’s after my gown supplier** told me that the dry cleaner’s will use water on these dresses and make me sign an agreement that i’m responsible for anything they do to them, i have been washing them myself. after mum got her new apartment with the bath tub life has become so much easier for me and my dresses…

looking forward to a white tie party at my old student nation tomorrow, happy weekend everybody, woop woop!

* or at least hell’s kitchen in stockholm…

** i think  it’s only fair to call her that since i have bought two gowns from her and is now waiting for a third…


One comment

  1. Well, Hell`s kitchen was kinda like a little hell… Evrything had to go to cleening afterwards… To much ppl, not enough space… But atleast it was fun 🙂

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