the moebius shawl

sometimes i get these… ideas. like when i by accident find a really  huge ball of yarn and decide to make something myself. i know how to knit, but i’m no good at it, which is why i furthermore decided to make something difficult… even my mum, who’s always supportive, had a somewhat … doubtful look in her eyes when i told her my plan. i could tell she wanted to laugh when i started and sat there on the sofa at gerby, mumbling to myself that it’s supposed to look all weird in the beginning, it’s supposed to look wrong… finally finished it does not look wrong at all, instead it has a very nice little twist. and i’m actually kind of proud of myself! can’t wait to show mum!


in the beginning there was... an entangled mess

ten days later, there was a shawl!





  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Haha, nu förstår jag vad du menade med “på svirr”, hade lite svårt att få en sjal av hur det så ut då förra veckan .. 😀 Men fin blev den! 🙂


    1. tack 🙂 började med en till åt mamma oxå! det är ju roligt att sticka, haha!

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