crash boom bang

cassandra the copier

last week our beloved cassandra the copier got ill. really ill. she printed a master’s thesis (yes, the one produced in the notorious room 407. “the devil’s offspring” the author called it when i told him what happened) and after the final page cassandra said crash boom bang. or at least beep croinx beep beep beep. the boom bang came later.

she called service all by herself with me standing some feet away, a bit scared she might explode or something, the coughing sounded very bad. next morning when i arrived the service man was already here.

the guy worked for about three hours, cassandra still coughing and beeping. he couldn’t really help her, had to order something from the netherlands. wished me a happy weekend and went away.

he returned with the new part on monday. cassandra beeped, coughed and finally said boom. the service guy said perkele. i looked at the huge pile of magenta ink that suddenly was all over the floor and silently walked away. after all these years i still don’t know if it’s kosher to laugh when the machines outsmart the service guys..

today he’s back with additional parts and another guy. they both look a bit baffled. cassandra is awfully silent. actually she is in 17 parts right now. i’d better keep away.


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