alla helgons dag

halloween, all hallows’ eve, might have been celebrated last weekend in many countries, but up north in finland and sweden we celebrate all saints’ eve tomorrow. having recently lost my father i gathered i’m supposed to light some candles, think about him and be sad he’s no longer here. join the people who think it’s reprehensible that the american way of partying has come to finland.

well. honestly. i’ve had it with feeling blue. sure, i want to honour the dead, especially my dad this time, but it’s time to start living again. so that’s why i’m closing the circle this weekend at gerby. i will start my day tomorrow by visiting the grave where i will light a candle and not be sad but be happy i had the most wonderful dad of them all. after that i will return to gerby and throw one helluva party for my closest friends – the ones who were there for me through it all. the very same ones that were at gerby during midsummer’s, working like busy bees while i sat at the hospital, and had dinner ready when i got back all cried out. they were the ones that last halloween held me when i was crying over the bad news we had received that same week and the ones that made sure i had an exceptionally fun new year’s (my least favourite holiday) even though i knew what was waiting around the corner.

i asked you here on the blog in july to have patience with me, that i will be back. there are still some practical issues to take care of, but rest assured. i am back. and with one quite appropriate costume i might add…



  1. Well said!!!!!!!!!

    1. thank you!

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